I've been wanting a new jacket to augment my Roadcrafter. I had pretty much decided on the Darien, and lo and behold, Mrs. Supersig bought it for me for my birthday. Unfortunately, she didn't account for my undying devotion to all things Hi-Viz yellow, and the jacket arrived in red. I love my wife, but I don't do red. So, the jacket is off to Aerostich to be replaced with the new Higher Hi-Viz Darien.

I think you know the rest.

I'm surfing Advrider, and I see the new Hi-Viz is recalled and the old Hi-Viz is back (only possibly more school busy). Now, I'm currently riding with a "old old" Hi-Viz Roadcrafter. It's a light yellow with a somewhat Pollack-esqe patina of road grime and bug guts. It's no longer really Hi-Viz, but it isn't black leather either.

So, I'm pissed. Without stumbling into the info, my Darien would have showed up in "old" style when Daddy was expecting new pimping neon Hi-Viz.

My boss has an Olympia jacket which burns out my retinas each time I ride with him. So, I start thinking an Olympia AST would look good on me. I tried one on, and it was bulky, but comfy. I've deduced the following:

Darien Pros-


Darien Cons-

School Bus (WTF?)

Olympia AST Pros-

Holy shniky! It's bright!
Holy weiner schnitzel, it's cheap

Olympia AST Cons-

Could this thing have more zippers and snaps?

What am I missing?