Just got done reading your very informative report on riding the Dempster in the October issue of BMW Owners News. Great stuff that makes me want to head up there next summer. The only problem I had was with the info box "By the numbers" on page 83. It says the total cost of the 8,500 mile trip was $714.09. This got me really excited because the trip now seemed extremely affordable. But doing some quick math, if you got 50 miles per gallon and gas cost $4 per gallon, petrol alone would have cost $680. You say you didn't tent it, so I expect you stayed some in motels. I was just wondering what all the $714.09 included. Again, thanks for the great writeup.

Paul Branson
St. Joseph, MO

P.S. Ken, your name sounds familiar. Do you know anybody in Manhattan Kansas?