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Thread: new K75S gear indicator switch issue

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    new K75S gear indicator switch issue

    I replaced the gear indicator switch on my 1987 K75S and I still get a neutral light and no gear display in the first 2 gears and a neutral off light in 3rd, and no display in 4th or 5th gear. Do I need to reset something in the instrument cluster ?

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    I did just what you did. Spent the money for the switch because some one suggested that water can get into them. That didn't fix it. I finally went into the cluster and cleaned and used antiseaze on all the connections I could find. That fixed every thing wrong with the cluster. In the IBMWR site you will find more information.

    What I thought had happened to the switch was that the PO had let a battery freeze and acid ran down the back of the tranny. I autopsied the old switch and there is no way water is going to get into that switch. Harold

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