Simo Kirssi gets the first title for the BMW G 450 X

Kirssi Simo is the new champion of the German Cross Country Championship (GCC) in the professional class XCPro. When the final run in the GCC Schefflenz won the Finnish BMW factory driver one day after its 29th Birthday extremely low on the track a grand victory and the title for the team of BMW Motorsport motorcycle. For the success of the Belgians completed Wei?Éblauen Jeff goblet, in Schefflenz was third, and the young German Bert Meyer in the finals only on the 9th Square landed, but so are the third place in the championship secured.

The Le Mans start this time belonged Simo Kirssi alone. Directly behind him was his toughest rival in the championship, the French super star cross-Cyrille Coulon, the race, followed by Bert Meyer. In this sequence set the leading quickly from the rest of the field, and Meyer also brought much distance between himself and his pursuers.
Coulon did in the first round much pressure and could ultimately Kirssi pass. The Finn then left him the leadership job, but always remained like a shadow on strike distance. After about half of the race over Simo after the tank stopped again the leadership ..

After a distraction from Kirssi Coulon could again put at the top. The "Flying Finn" countered, however, continued its pressure on the French and took over after a driver of the Yamaha pilots back to Pace. The duo went over the entire distance downright in a separate class. The last 20 minutes belonged exclusively to the BMW Star, which is clear from his counterparts and finally was able to sell under the jubilation of his fan community went into the goal.

Bert Meyer, about half of the race to safely ranked third place, lost due to technical problems his podium place. He had several times in the box in which the mechanic a good job and delivers targeted with hand grips could fix the problem. The young driver was the race finally successfully quit.

Jeff Goblet drove a smooth race for him in this unusual sport and could - after Meyer had fallen behind - the ungef?Ůhrdeten third place on the podium secure.
The Cross Country Series XCC now has only one date this year, which is in the Austrian Mattighofen for the European title goes. There are on 18 October is the strongest driver from Germany, Austria, Italy and the Czech Republic against each other.

Simo Kirssi: "I could start at the Holeshot pick. And then ran it only once actually quite calm. Although I wanted to start a little more pressure. It was very slimy and, therefore, I not quite as desired. I had then gone Coulon, which drove directly behind me. In hindsight view, was correct. We then drove together and had us together through the ?£berrundeten fight. Coulon this time was a little faster, sometimes I do. When refueling made our team a great job. We were faster, and I went back out to be the first. But Cyrille was directly behind me. Then we have three rounds, where many right gas. In a curve, I was not aggressive enough because he was able to pull back. Then we both turned even more. I then I just viewed the lines, which drove Cyrille. Then I have a draufgelegt times. Coulon was then no longer oppose. I am obviously on the huge victory and the title and I thank all who have helped me - the whole team, especially my brother and mechanic Juho. It was a great collaboration and mood in the team. "

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New Web Portal Allows MINI Enthusiasts to Choose or Create Own Interior and Exterior Vinyl Graphics for Unparalleled Level of Personalization
Woodcliff Lake, NJ - October 2, 2008... MINI USA -- automaker of the iconic and uniquely individualizable line of passenger cars that made small cars cool -- announced today a partnership with Lakewood, Colorado-based Original Wraps, Inc., a leading provider of on-demand and physical personalization. The partnership provides MINI enthusiasts the availability of interior/exterior graphics and complete personalization of their vehicles through a new Web portal -, which is currently live.

"We are delighted to have partnered with Original Wraps, a true leader in the vehicle customization industry," said Jim McDowell, Vice President of MINI USA. "Individualism has always been an important aspect of MINI, which our customers love, and this new partnership enhances the level of personalization we can provide. This gives MINI enthusiasts a nearly limitless palette to express their personalities."

The MINI Motoring Graphics are available for every year and model of MINI since 2002. Customers can choose from vinyl graphics ranging from original art, national flags and thousands more. In addition, users can even upload their own photos and images, or download templates to create their own designs, with Original Wraps manufacturing the custom graphics. The wrap itself is made from a professional-grade 3M vinyl, which is printed via a proprietary process that ensures detailed and premium images. The wrap is then coated with a glossy, 3M laminated finish and custom cut, which allows for a perfect fit for each MINI.

"MINI owners are already personalizing their vehicles in one way or another, but there hasn't been a reliable one stop shop with unique designs, until now. Partnered with MINI, we have created a comprehensive MINI personalization portal that will get every MINI driver's imagination flowing," said Tom Stemple, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Original Wraps. "MINI Motoring Graphics allows MINI owners multiple ways to personalize their MINIs, including the ability to display their own pictures and artwork on the vehicle."

MINI Motoring Graphics are made with the highest quality 3M vinyl and come with a performance warranty. Some of the graphics can be applied by customers, but professional installers are recommended for many of the graphics. The graphics can easily be removed without damaging the surface of the vehicle. This allows customers the ability to personalize their MINIs as often as they choose at a low cost.

The cost of each graphic ranges from $9.99 to $349.00 and can be purchased at or any local MINI dealer. The wraps can be shipped direct to the consumer or to a MINI dealer, and usually arrive within days.

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