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Thread: surprise at group ride

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    surprise at group ride

    I went on my first large organized group ride today. 480 bikes. The organizers had a police escort. The intersections were blocked off by police. 55 miles long.
    I blew through red lights and stop signs. Went triple the speed limit. Drag raced the Harley's next to me. I actually enjoyed listening to all the exhaust notes ringing around me! A totally different world. Two abreast made it hard to get a good line into corners. The Harley's were entertaining as heck to watch. I did see two other BMW's. Everyone was ear to ear smiles at the picnic after the ride. All condoned by local law enforcement because it raises money for cancer. That's how loud pipes save lives. Did I mention how much fun it is to go to wide open throttle in second gear in a 25mph school zone with a police cruiser blocking traffic for me?

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    Riding two abreast? No thanks! You didn't mention, was alcohol involved too?

    Glad you enjoyed it though. I've been on a group ride like you mention, although not quite as large, but it just wasn't for me.

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