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Thread: cooling down an aerostitch vest

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    cooling down an aerostitch vest

    We rode today in mostly sun with a stiff cool wind, temps in the mid 50's. I had my vest on which works well. But it's feast of famine. And when we got to traffic, I would have to turn it off or bake. Then back on again, then off. Has anyone rigged up a rheostat with some sort of resistance?
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    The only thing that I can think off that might work better is the BMW Phase Change shirts, that work best between 50 and 70 degree's. How it is suppose to work is when you get hot it stores the heat and when you get cool it gives it back to you. I took a test ride with it several years and it worked great. But for $175.00 for the jacket and only a 20 degree temperature range it is a bit steap for me. However, it is definately on the right track and in time will probably come down in price and bigger range in temperature.
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    Aerostich sells a thermostat for it's electric vest. I have one and rely on it.

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    Back about 1985, I wanted to vary the temperature on my first electric vest (a Saingear, I think). I found a wirewound rheostat that was big enough to dissipate the current; it was several inches in diameter and a half-inch thick, and I mounted it in the headlight shell of my 1983 R65. It worked just fine.

    But the new solid-state controllers - like the Heat-Troller I have on the RS - are smaller, don't use up the unneeded electricity and therefore don't generate significant heat. They're far superior. You can do it with a rheostat, but I wouldn't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by womanridge View Post
    Aerostich sells a thermostat for it's electric vest. I have one and rely on it.
    What the lady said, and I don't have one but oh boy I'm thinking about it because I'd like to run the Kanetsu (seriously, isn't that one of those self sharpening knives, where are we Japan?!) under something other than the BIG 'Stich.

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