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Thread: Its time for a new Helmet.

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    Its time for a new Helmet.

    The way I see it, the ideal helmet would be light, quite, safe and inexpensive. Visibility is important and I don’t want it to fog. It would be great if it were easy to take on and off. I prefer a full face.
    Ordering “On line” seems risky as the size varies from one vendor to the next but the variety makes this an option. Can I get what I want for less than $200 or will I need to spend more?

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    For me -- and helmet fit is everything, so the best for you is quite a personal choice -- the Shoei X-11 meets everything on your list but inexpensive. It has great ventilation. With the Pinlock system that's available, you can't make it fog up, and the Shoei visor system is both fast to replace and doesn't feel like you're breaking the helmet when doing it. It weighs nearly a pound less than a Schuberth Concept. The lining is all removable and washable.

    But, it's an expensive helmet. I got mine on eBay for $400, and at the time, the cheapest I could find it in a store was over $500.

    As I said above, fit is both personal and very important. If the helmet doesn't fit well, it will be noisy. I can't wear an Arai, for example.

    Good luck!
    --Darryl Richman, forum liaison

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    +1 on the X-11.
    Probably the widest peripheral vision of the majority of helmets out there. Ventilation is excellent for hot weather plus some add ons for cold weather as well. It's been wind tunnel tested and rated for 200 mph so extremely stable at speed.

    For hot weather, i recommend their iridium replacement lens. Not their tinted lens, but their iridium lens with the reflective mirror finish which will keep the inside cooler by about 20%.

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    Buying a helmet online presents certain problems. Shopping for information about helmets is easy. Go to They have an excellent set of articles that will help you in your decision.

    Helmet FAQ

    Helmets takes you to an index of their helmet reviews

    Helmet noise a good article on what causes it and how to deal with it.

    Helmet weight

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