I received a notice from Aerostich that they have a recall on their Hi-viz made between August 2007 and August 2008. My Hi-viz was made in June 2008. I love the new Hi-viz, it is much brighter than the old, however, they say that the reason they they recalled it is not for function errors, but due to unexpected fade. When I contacted them they said that the Hi-viz will turn potentially to very light green maybe even white. I have a return card and they would like them back by December 31, 2008, but will give a full warrenty within 2 years to exchange it for any other color they make, or refund the money all together. I must mention, that I do spray my suit every 3 months with UV-Tech, so it may have some fade protection. So far my suit is just getting dirty (street-creed), as I wear the suit daily while commuting. and I love the color.
Any riders out there have a Hi-viz made earlier since August 2007 with more miles that is fading? Anybody have any pictures that show the faded color? Any feedback will be appreciated.
My thoughts right now are just to wear it and to give it time to see what the fading will do, since it is so new.