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Thread: R1200rt-p Protection Bars

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    R1200rt-p Protection Bars

    Hello all, I ordered a pair of front RT-P Protection Bars and when they arrived I was disappointed to find that the entire mounting sysem wasn't incuded apparently there's another bar that connects to the protection bars as well as the hardware that is used to attach the units. I was wondering if anybody out there knows anything about the RT-P protection bars in regards to the ADDITIONAL hardware required to attach the bars in place. Part numbers would be very helpful if anyone has it. Thanks!

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    R1200rt-p Protection Bars

    Hello there. Yes there is additional hardware needed. There are two carrier bars that attach to the frame, on the 1200 version, that connects the two "front, outside the fairing" bars. I have a 2002 R1150RT-P with said protection bars. You might want to check out Max's BMW web site. They have the schematics and part numbers for that setup. Just go to their parts catalog online and select R1200RT. The crash bars will be located under the Frame/Fairing section as "Engine Roll Bar, Authority Vehicles" and "Rear Safety Bar" respectively.
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    Give the parts diagram adooley pointed you to a good look, there are two high mounted protection bar "carriers", which mount to the frame/block. If you have #1 & #2 (the bars) already, you need 3,4, and just order 2 of 5-12 to make the order easy (if you want to save a few bucks stare really hard at the diagram). If memory serves me correct the mounting screws (12) are a bit longer than the standard RT due to the carriers (get the longer screws, period). Having replaced these on a RTP, you should have some sort of jack to support the block when you install them and install ONE side at a time (this is for the carriers, not 1 & 2).

    Some say there are some fairing issues w/the stock RT, but visually it looks like is should be clean install to me (YMMV). If you'd like to see close in pics on a R12RTP let me know.
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