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Thread: strapping down an Airhawk seat cushion

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    strapping down an Airhawk seat cushion

    I bought an Airhawk seat cushion awhile ago, and have tested it out a bit, but am looking for a away to strap it down onto my GS. I don't want it blowing away if I stand on the pegs for a second. Would just small bungee cords do?

    Any suggestions?


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    What about velcro? Three or four 1 or 2" pieces should do the trick. Put the soft side on the seat, so if you ride without it it will be less uncomfortable.
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    How about stapling it to the seat?

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    I use a couple of small bungee cords, but I've put tie wraps trough the loops on the Airhawk so that I can remove/attach the bungees more easily.


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    I use long strips of velcro, available at any fabric store. A strip or two of sticky under the seat and wrap the long strips through the loops and then down under the seat. Voila...

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    I purchased one of those wonderful pads last year and tried string, bungee cords and some stretchy stuff my wife had. I ended up using the palstic Quick Clips and 1" wide stretchy material all purchased at one of those fabric stores. Yes I went in myself and no one laughed even when I asked where the sutff was. I then sewed the receiver clips with a 1" wide nylon lead to the cloth tabs of the seat cushion. Threaded the stretchy stuff into the male clips and laid that under the seat. I only did one strap and it has proven to be OK so far after 7k miles.

    later tom

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    i had mine sewn onto the seat of my pants. i never lose it now.

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    try using a sheepskin over the top of it to hold it down and provide even more comfort. got mine from Barb at Alaska Leather

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