After ordering some jackets and finding out I didn't like the fit(i.e, Blood-pressure cuff tight elbow areas), I decided to go to the local BMW dealer here in Indy and check out the Tourance 2 jacket. Not being quite ready to shell out the Darien $500+, I was really leaning toward the BMW jacket but after trying it on as well as several others, I found I really like the Ranier. Many, many pockets, a nifty little cellphone pocket. The windproof liner doubles as a nice looking windbreaker.

I've only used it for short jaunts around town but I'm taking off on a 4 day trip tomorrow and will have a better idea about it by the time I get back.

I've never tried First Gear stuff, although I've heard good things about the Kilimanjaro. The Rainier appears to be very well made. My only complaint at first glance is that the collar seems to come up a little higher than I would like in front but it's nothing terrible.

I paid a premium of course buying it at the dealer but I was tired of the ship/return thing. New Enough has it for $359. New Enough Rainer.

Anyway, if you're looking for a well-made jacket in this price range, this might do the trick for you.