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Thread: come to Colorado **NOW**

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    come to Colorado **NOW**

    I don't want to tarry, nor debate, nor pontificate. I did not stop for photos as they would not, nay, could not, depict what is occuring as I type. Come, come now. Go high, get west of I25 and go high. It's the best I've seen since 1983. I wasn't here before that. It is awe inspiring.
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    Yup... It's definitely a great time to visit!! The "wow" factor is definitely there this year...

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    Flying out of St. Louis at 7:30 AM tomorrow!
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    I'm lucky that my best friend lives in Denver. On the way to Gillette I stayed with him for a few days and while he was at the office I was playing on lots of great mountain roads. Truly great stuff.

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    Veg--are you the STIG of Teamboxer fame?

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    If you can overlook the transportation device, this is how it looked on Wednesday 10/1 on the Peak to Peak Scenic Byway alongside the Indian Peaks Wilderness

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    Loveland Pass last Saturday (9/27) as the clouds were rolling in:

    And Kenosha Pass last Monday (9/29):

    Two guys I met at Kenosha Pass:

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