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Thread: Wunderlich Instrument Surround

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    Wunderlich Instrument Surround

    I recently sold my K11LT and bought an 06 R12RT. Love the bike but the reflection on the instrument panel keeps me guessing as to how fast, what gear (I forgot how to keep track - too many beemers), what rpm, can't read crap. Wunderlich has a bezel reputed to keep the reflective glare down. For only $150+ I can buy a plastic bezel (unpainted).
    Any experience out there with this.

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    Wunderlich Instrument Surround

    I bought one for my 07 RT and was totally underwhelmed with its effectiveness. If I hadn't glued it on so well I would remove it and give it to you.

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    Try an accessory shelf from A&S. I have one on order, so I can't really say just how well it works.

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    You can also buy the bezel that goes on the K1200GT... fits over the flat instrument cluster on the RT and does it for much cheaper than the Wunderlich part.

    I don't have a link, but you can search for it at There was a thread there with photos. Or use the parts fische at Max BMW to look up the part number.

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