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Thread: Prescription eye glasses vs. contacts

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    Very cool job of engineering there!

    That having been said, i'm thinking seriously of having the surgery as I have been a "4-eyes" since age 11 and it's getting so that a proper pair of glasses is close to the price of the surgery

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    After nearly 30 years with glasses, I got LASIK.

    I never could get used to contacts. The best luck I ever had was with semi-hard lenses (which these days are considered hard). I never could get used to the high maintenance of soft lenses. What as PITA. So, after my mid-20s I gave up and wore glasses. They fogged a bit on the motorcycle, but I just kept my screen a bit open.

    These days I'm prescription free. I had LASIK done in November of 1997 and so far so good. My eyes have gotten a tiny bit more near sighted in the last few years, but I'm still okay for keeping that dreaded "needs prescription lenses" mark off my license!

    If you're eligible as a LASIK candidate I highly recommend it. Its a life changer. I had coke-bottle thick lenses from the time I was eight years old and was truly helpless without them. My vision was literally off the old fashioned 20/20 scale because I couldn't see the top line. Without my glasses I simply couldn't function. I'm now corrected to around 20/30 to 20/35 (if you use that old scale) with far less astigmatism. BTW, in most states 20/40 passes for your driver's license. Its such a joy to go swimming, walk in the rain, exercise, etc...., without glasses.
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    Walmart sells prescription glasses for motorcycle riding. They have the foam around the inside. I have had them for about a year now and they're great. Oh and the best pert is they were about $130 with polarized prescription lenses.


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