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Thread: salvaging a mildewed leather jacket?

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    salvaging a mildewed leather jacket?

    I have two older leather jackets . One is a late 80's Hein Gericke Paris Dakar. Both Jackets are mildewed from being stored in the basement. (What was I thinking?) Is there any product available to clean them. Or would sending them out to be professionlly cleaned be the preferred method? Thanks for your imput.

    Mark from Maine

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    Try using saddle soap to remove the dirt first and when they are dry, bury them in cat litter for a few days. That stuff keeps houses from becoming a place not to live in and will do wonders on just about anything.

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    Try and find some Skidmore's leather treatment. He makes it and sells it in Wyoming. There is a shop here in kansas that carries it.
    Jim Johnson, OP Kansas
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    It takes a bit of airing out - or you smell a lot like a pine tree - but I have had the same problem a time or two on gloves and jackets, and I clean it as best I can and give it a good rubbing with Pinesol cleaner. It pretty much does in the mildew.

    Then a good dose of a good leather preservative like Lexol.
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    If you can find someone with an ozone generator that would do the trick. Hang the jackets in a walk in closet with the generator and run it up for about 20 minutes.Repeat as necessary.

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    take them to a leather cleaner and have them done properly
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