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Thread: Friday (6/18)day off = FUN FUN FUN

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    Friday (6/18)day off = FUN FUN FUN

    Okay, so I took the day off last Friday and went cruising on my 2004 R1100S Prep, with two of my good pals. One has a 2004 GSX-R 600, and the other has a 2003 GSX-R 750 which is highly modified. There was a 10% chance of rain, and a high of 90 degrees. We started out in Tampa and made our way over one of the causways over to the beaches. We headed toward Clearwater Beach, then headed south down Gulf Blvd through Belair beach, indian rocks, Reddington toward St. Pete Beach. We stopped along the way, about 11:30 for lunch at some beach side bar and grill. The patio faced the water and the white sand, and we sat under the ceiling fans and ate cheese burgers. After about an hour of hanging out, we headed south toward St. Pete beach. The traffic was light, and we cruised along at a steady 30 mph.
    After we turned left at the beautiful Don Cesar Hotel on St. Pete beach, we headed toward the Sunshine Skyway bridge. This is a big ass bridge with gold colored cables spanning off the two main towers. Once again, traffic was light, and so the GSX boys rapidly accellerated toward the top. "What the hell" I said to myself, so I too, buried the throttle. It felt like I was riding an artillery shell being hurled up into the air at 120mph. What a smooth ride!
    After another fuel stop, we found some back roads and twisties. Speed was on the GSX guy's mind, and so was it on mine (I must admit). So we proceeded to steadily break the 140mph mark for some distance and time and found ourselves out in the middle of south florida, out in BFE (the sticks, for the rest of you). Let me tell you, I have never had more confidence in a machine as I did on those back roads on my BMW. I was able to comfortably chase those GSX-R's at 140mph while they had the hell beat out of them. Let me also tell you, my bike easily hung with the rockets on the turns, if not being able to handle them better.
    I must say, that I have never had more fun in my life. 8 hours and 220 miles later, I was no worse for the wear. I went home, ate, and went to sleep, dreaming of the next day riding with my good GSX friend's and another good one that just bought a Honda 600RR, and the back roads we would tear up the next day, and the weekend after that, and that, and that, and that...

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    Surely you are speaking symbolically

    I assume you didn't really go over the speed limit.....(right).
    Good for you, keeping pace with them Gixxers. Thanks for holding up the speed end of the marque!
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