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Thread: New '08 1200GS and gear ratios

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    New '08 1200GS and gear ratios

    I traded up from my wonderful '95 1100GS to a most wonderful '08 1200GS this summer. What a fantastic machine! I shouldn't grumble but...
    What's with the new gear ratios? I have 6 gears instead of 5 now, but the first is effectively a little taller than the first on my 1100 and the sixth is identical to the fifth on the 1100! More gears and less range. I was hoping the sixth would have cut a few hundred rpm off at highway speed and I can't do less than 15mph without feathering the clutch...and all those gears. Overall, minor, but everyone has to complain about something, I guess.

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    I would definitely take it out of 6th at 15mph..(Sorry, couldn't help it)

    You got a great bike, the new ratios are supposed to improve the off road low speed stuff.
    Wish my '06 GS had the new gears.

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    Feathering a dry clutch will burn it up. A wet clutch on a belt drive bike is much more forgiving. Enjoy the new ride. BTW be sure not to put in synthetic oil until 10K miles. The rings need to seat.

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