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Thread: Enough is Enough:

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Veg View Post
    It's not patriotism if something as good or better is available at a better price elsewhere. When you take a worse deal to supposedly 'support' your own country's businesses, all you really do is insulate them from the real market and ultimately reduce their ability to compete. If American businesses want my dollar, they'd better give me as good a deal as the competition. This is one reason why American cars sucked for so many years- because people bought them for reasons OTHER than their actual merits as cars, and the sales sent the message to the manufacturers that were doing something right so they kept on making them that way. You want good products? Keep the market competitive.
    I don't want to make this a political debate; but, Government Regulations, Taxes, and Union support have rendered our industries uncompetative in the world market more than any other factors. I still feel buy American, where we can, is a good policy. If I was in the market for a new motorcycle, I'd certainly give a Buell Ulysses a hard look. And yes I know it's mostly made of Oriental components.
    All that being said, in my opinion, leather is still the best choice for riding gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dronning View Post
    Tiger Woods Nike contracts:
    1996 $40MM
    2001 $100MM
    2006 not disclosed new deal worth well north of $100MM
    worth every penny and more. You go Tiger
    the Luz

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    Found this Item on the Aerostitch website. I need one of these. I think I will mortgage my house and buy one. This is hilarious, check it out.

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    Begging to differ...

    [QUOTE=GlobalRider;373373]If nobody paid the prices, they would most certainly be slashed and they'd still make a very healthy profit. Ever wonder how MSRP can be cut by 20% or more...huge mark-ups!!!

    Having worked in the apparel business (motorcycle and other) for the past decade, I can tell you that the highest markup is usually on the less expensive goods. Your BMW dealer has a significantly lower margin on BMW apparel than he/she does on brands like Olympia, Rev'it, Firstgear, etc. If nobody paid the price, as you suggest, BMW would simply stop producing riding gear, or would begin producing goods to "sell for a price," the way they have with the new Tourance2 suit.

    Each of us has to decide what we are willing to spend for comfort and protection. I often use the analogy of a new car: If you have no car and I give you a new Honda Civic, you now have a great car which will most likely do everything you need a car to do, and you'll be happy driving it. Take a long look at a Mercedes, though, and you'll begin to see why the car costs as much as it does. There's more to it than jacking up the price for the hood ornament.

    Now let me state for the record that I, personally, own a '98 Jetta which still serves my needs and my riding gear is currently Olympia and Firstgear. I have been satisfied with my riding apparel thus far, but am planning to upgrade. If you haven't already, go in and look at the armor used in the BMW ComfortShell or Atlantis4. There is a huge difference! Whether or not you buy it is entirely your choice.

    Howard "The Apparel Guy"
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    Hopefully some of you guys will see this. this thread has been hanging around for a while and it might not get much attention but I have a question and did not want to start a new post for it.

    Have any of you used for online shopping? I am curious about them. I can tell you this. I spend lots of time shopping online and they are far and away the best looking site for the products that they carry. They take the time to have large photos of every single product on thier site. They have real people actually put the stuff on so it makes the online shopping experience much easier. That being said how are they for standing behind what they sell? How is the return policy? If any of you are familiar with them please post or PM me. Thank you.


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    Newenough is a top notch vendor. Returns are no hassle. You can get an RMA by email or by phone. Credit is instant, as soon as they receive your returned stuff.
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    -Tom (KA1TOX)

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    Have bought several items from New Enough very pleased with products ,price and fast shipping. Also receive email from them with sale items....... nice.
    R and R

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    Thank you very much. There are a couple item that I can't find for less anywhere else. I am looking at the SIDI Typhoon boots. been wanting either those or the On-road Gore tex from SIDI.

    Any thoughts on either boot anybody?

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    Hey Kelly!

    I will throw my hat in the ring. If every company had Customer service like these folks, the world would DEFINITELY be a better place. Their website is unparalleled. Paul and his folks try or inspect nearly every product they sell and give honest reviews on them. Their description of fit for the clothing is absolutely awesome. I have made a bunch of purchases from them and never once had an issue with the service they provide. Order early enough in the day and they will ship it out the same day. Sign up for their email list! Paul sends them out almost once a week and often has some smoking deals contained!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ARValkguy View Post
    Thank you very much. There are a couple item that I can't find for less anywhere else. I am looking at the SIDI Typhoon boots. been wanting either those or the On-road Gore tex from SIDI.

    Any thoughts on either boot anybody?

    I got back into riding this past May after a 25 year lay-off. My promise to my wife and myself was to take the MSF course and buy great quality riding equipment. I spent a load of time researching boots and trying them on. The best value and comfort for me were the Sidi On Road with the GoreTex lining. Only 4000 miles on them, but they are now broken in and very comfortable. All leather with a padded shin and a traction sole. Ankle cups that I feel could be a little bit beefier, but in all, a great boot. To some, expensive at $325, but IMHO, well worth it. I have stood in a wading pool, totally submerging the lower half of the boots for 10 minutes, and not a drop inside. Able to shift and brake without the pinching you sometimes get from some boots.

    Learned in my early riding days about wearing anything lace-up, when the laces came undone and got caught in the countershaft sprocket. Please, all do yourself a favor and leave the laces for the hiking boots. So most of us drive bikes without chain and sprocket, but there are plenty of other things for laces to get wound around.

    Personally try them on and see how you like them. They do have a break in period and that could be hard judging when walking around in them for a test spin on the dealers floor. Made in Italy where they are known for good quality footwear ( and expensive prices).

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