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It's not patriotism if something as good or better is available at a better price elsewhere. When you take a worse deal to supposedly 'support' your own country's businesses, all you really do is insulate them from the real market and ultimately reduce their ability to compete. If American businesses want my dollar, they'd better give me as good a deal as the competition. This is one reason why American cars sucked for so many years- because people bought them for reasons OTHER than their actual merits as cars, and the sales sent the message to the manufacturers that were doing something right so they kept on making them that way. You want good products? Keep the market competitive.
I don't want to make this a political debate; but, Government Regulations, Taxes, and Union support have rendered our industries uncompetative in the world market more than any other factors. I still feel buy American, where we can, is a good policy. If I was in the market for a new motorcycle, I'd certainly give a Buell Ulysses a hard look. And yes I know it's mostly made of Oriental components.
All that being said, in my opinion, leather is still the best choice for riding gear.