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My reaction to the pulsating headlight is usually an involuntary anger. I don't know why, but I suspect I am not the only one. On a more logical level, I think it makes it harder to judge distance and speed of the bike. They used to be illegal in some states; I don't know if they still are.
I have one. Yes, legal in all 50 states and Canada. It gets the attention of other drivers and occasionally they will flash their lights. I just give them a polite wave knowing that they saw me. I do turn it off when sitting in traffic to not continually flash the driver in front of me.

I also wear a high vis, Olympic AST jacket and have added flashing LED's to my brake circuit. When touring I use bright orange dry bags for my gear. I believe that visibility is the best defense. If a modulating headlight irritates a driver, at least he sees you.