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Thread: Packing with givi cases

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    Packing with givi cases

    I have a k12rs and I would like to pack using the givi E52 top case. With my wife on the bike with me, this case would solve alot of problems. Does anyone else use this case or a similar hard case. Does it attach easily to the back luggage rack? Any opinions? What do you use? Help is appreciated.

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    I have the 50 litre Givi top case. It does require the Givi plate. Attach easily? Oh yes. Put it on with one hand (if it's empty); unlocks and comes off very easily with one hand. Did I also mention that I've never had rain get into the Givi?
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    Givi is great

    I have on on my RT, great case. Have to replace the luggage rack with the Givi rack as said above.

    On and off in a moment. Got the Givi gell backrest with it.

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    GIVI E52 top case

    I too have a GIVI E52 top case on my RT and it works great. A new rack is required and is easy to install. I added the E73 removable soft bag and the E95S back rest. This package gives the wife packing options!
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