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Thread: olympia bushwacker 3/4 vs airglide II

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    Question olympia bushwacker 3/4 vs airglide II

    Hey kids....looking for a good warmish weather jacket and have narrowed it down to bushwacker 3/4 mesh teck vs. airglide II mesh teck.
    Besides the jacket length, anyone have any major issues with either?
    Anyone hear if a "new" 2009 jacket is on the way?

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    Love my Airglide 2 Jacket!
    Hate that the pants don't come in longs
    When I tried the pants on over my jeans, 5", above boots, was exposed to the elements.
    Completely unacceptable for an advertised all weather product.
    Glad I tried them on first at my dealer, can't imagine the problems with refunds.
    Good product and design, just not in tune with the need for proper fit for all of us out there.
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    Airglide vs Bushwhacker

    I have the Airglide and like it. I do prefer the 3/4 length becuase of the greater protection in a get off. I will follow this thread to see how you decide. Google their website and ask them about 2009. I have called them before and they were very nice.
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    Thumbs up

    I'll cast my vote for the Bushwacker. I have used mine all summer and love in when the temp is above 70 F, lower than that I switch to my AST. I ordered mine as soon as the Hi-Viz color was introduced based on the excellent reaction by cagers to my AST in the same color.

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