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    1985 K100rs New Member

    Greetings fellow members.
    Just drove my "new" 1985 K100 RS from Nashville to Boca Raton, FL (home). Picked it up on ebay and drove straight (about 16 hours).

    Much pain on my butt and wrists.

    I am also a proud owner of a beloved 78 Triumph Bonny 750.

    New to riding this machine and riding position. I'm not tall (about 5' 8.5") and I would desperately like to improve the following:

    1. an extra padded seat
    2. risers (saw something on twisted throttle)
    3. padded grips (the rock-hard grips are hard on my hands and circulation)

    I also need forkseals and LCD shift selector display (current is blotched and partially legible).

    I really liked the engine performance and 100+ mph cruising capability. Not happy with comfort especially on wrists and hands (and but).

    Any suggestions or comments?

    Thank you all!

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    Welcome Carguz

    I have a 85 K100 RT and have collected all the seats well nearly all. I have the stock seat which as you know is no long distance rider but I do like the looks. I also have a Corbin which is way better to the behind on long rides and I love the look of it on my RT and would look good on your RS I also have a Reynolds which is the best of the bunch on long rides but to me it is Butt ugly I want to throw a towel over it after I get off would even look worse on an RS in my opinion.

    Something to remember when looking for a seat. Your 85 will only fit a seat made for a 85. 86 up will fit several years but not an 85 .Look at your tail cowling the handles are built into the seat on a 85 and into the tail piece on others. At least on the RT. Voice of experience here. Got a nice Corbin once that didn‘«÷t fit. Have FUN!!!!
    R and R

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    Try a set of Grip Puppies on the bars- I put some on my GS to cover a small split that was starting. They are much more comfortable- your hands are a little more "open", too, which took a lot of stress off my wrists. The heated grips still work through them, and they only cost fifteen bucks or so.

    hint: shoot a little compressed air under them with a basketball needle while installing, it makes them easier to get on.

    Congrats on the 85 K RS, I miss mine. Don't see any pictures, though... guess you must have forgotten...

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    Pics??? You can't just go and tell us about a new bike and not show pictures.......

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    bar backs can be had through A&S cycle, also frequently on Ebay for less $$. Could also consider switch to C-bars, though this necessitates some cable changes. I think corbin dual touring is comfier than canyon sport, but any corbin is good.

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    I put on a set of foam overgrips from BeemerBoneYard, something like $7 plus shipping.

    I like them, but they do make your grip diameter larger. Does tend to cut down on the buzz factor, not that I minded it before.

    I am riding in the mornings with winter gloves on now, Stock heated grips, and my hands still feel the heat through the foam.
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    Keep your eyes peeled on eBay and the MOA classifieds for a seat on the 85 seatpan. If you decide that this bike is a keeper, consider having Russel make a saddle for you. Pricey but good.

    My Corbin has the Cycle Solutions upgrade (also pricey @ $375). I've used it on a few 12 hour long rides and recommend it highly.

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