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Thread: Pilot Road II's

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    Pilot Road II's

    As a follow up to my previous thread on the New Pilot Road II's, I would just like to say that I believe them to be an excellent tire. I have had bad cupping on my past pilot roads which were on my K1200RS. I would get approximately 6000 to 7000 on the front and a little more on the back. My wife and I ride two up often. I'm here to say that I am very impressed with the new II's. After going out west to Gillette and running around home plus a few 400 mile trips, I'm here to say that they are fantastic. I big improvement over the old PR's. The wear pattern is great and I should get many more miles on a set and still have ample tread. Just my opinion but these are the best tires I have ever had on any of my bikes.

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    PR 2s


    I ran Pirelli Scorpions on my GS and got 12K+ out of them even while running IB rallies. To say I was disappointed when they were no longer available is an understatement - e.g. I like mileage out of my tires as much as sure grip.

    On my new RT I got about 9k out of the original tires and have now mounted my 3rd set of PR 2s! Not only are they good on the road and in the wet, butt they are lasting in excess of 11k miles. I am changing them a bit early because of my rally schedule butt they still have tread life remaining. I will remount the ones I just replaced, once the new ones are thrashed - the old ones have that much life left. Good stuff.

    '07 R1200 RT - LD ride w/ >145+K mi
    '00 1150GS w/ >165+K miles and more to come...

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