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Thread: Beadrider review. Short version: good product.

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    Beadrider review. Short version: good product.

    A few weeks ago I installed my new BeadRider (LINK) seat. My bike is an '05 12GS and the beads are on a regular Sargent. I've been riding my 60 mile round trip commute since I got it, but last Saturday I participated in a ride of just under 300 miles, and it was my first relatively long ride on the beads.

    On Beadrider generally:
    • They seem like good folks. When I emailed a question they promptly emailed an informative response. (Q: What size for a 12GS Sargent? A: Same as for the stock 12GS - 14" x 14".)
    • At $35.95 plus shipping, the price seems reasonable and is in line with similar products (Alaska buttpad, Air-Hawk, etc...).
    First things I noticed:
    • I have an Aeroflow, and with the beads my eyes are a noticeable half inch or so higher than they were over the top of my screen. The air flow still hits high on my helmet so there isn't anything negative about that.
    • I can barely notice the additional height when flat-footing the bike at a stop. I think that if you're short or have a short inseam and ride a tall bike then it may be a consideration. For most folks, though, it won't be a big deal.
    • Sitting on it was not as different a sensation as I expected. After the first quarter mile on the road I frankly forgot that I was sitting on beads.
    • You definitely feel some more air on your butt. Not so much that its annyoing. But good for hot Texas days. Its not so much that it'll get you cold, either. It is enough to keep you from sweating through your pants. I can't stand getting off my bike with the ass of my jeans soaked through with sweat (sorry if that's TMI ).

    After last Saturday's 300 mile ride (half of it off road on gravel):
    • Its a definite improvement over riding without them. That little bit of air helps, and its easier to roll your butt a half inch or so to get some relief from moderate monkey-butt.
    • Certainly a bigger inprovement in ride quality over the Alaska leather buttpad or the AirHawk (that's my own experience, of course.) It easily adds comfortable riding time.
    • Definitely worth considering before that huge Russell investment.

    Good product. Glad I got it. If I were to compete in an Iron Butt Rally I think I'd still get a Russell. But for my purposes it seems like a fine product.
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    Custom saddles vs. beads;

    I have both and find most all of the new custom saddles are rock hard, including my newest Bill Mayer Seat on my GSA. I love the seat and would not hesistate buying his seat again, but his and all others I've seen are ROCK hard in the foam. My old R100/7 has the most comfy seat ever and Bill Mayer built it with soft foam, of the old days. It still works well after 25 years of use. My beads are still in my cubbard in my bike garage and I thought they worked quite well, when I used them a few years back on the KLT. Airflow is improved with them, but my newest GSA and I have a tall seat issue and the beads are probably not for me and this bike. Thanks for the reminder, however, as I may break the beads out again and see how they feel again. I may fall off my GSA trying, hope not. Randy

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    Got a bead set up for rider and passenger for my RT for our trip to Houston at the end of May. Colorado to Houston at that time was hot and we road an hour or so with the beads, took them off and road an hour or so, put them on again etc. The change allowed my wife to hit a world record for her as a passenger of 709 miles in one day. They work by changing seat contact enough to keep us going. The hotter it is the more useful the beads are, so thanks to the people at bead seat. I kept them for my new GSA if we ever do that again.


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    Exclamation Bead Rider

    Overall a great product, but do not put anything expensive on the beads that could possibly slide off, e.g. brand new, custom, expensive, prescription sun glasses.
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    Great in the rain as you are no longer sitting IN the puddle of water on the seat, but above the puddle which is draining off the seat through the gaps in the beads.

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