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Thread: Longest day on a F-650?

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    Longest day on a F-650?

    Ok let me rephrase my question. What is the longest day you've ridden on a F-650?
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    My longest day on an F650 Dakar was approximately 600 miles in what seemed like forever.

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    Oh I get it. Just picked up a F650 for the loverly bride. I rode it 10 miles on Tuesday. FUN bike!

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    450 miles on a 03 650 GS. New seat on the way

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    I've ridden about 750 miles in one day but I can top that soon. My right arm was ready to fall off which was why I stopped but I have since solved that problem. I now have a "real" vacum type cruise control on my bike. It works great and where it is mounted it looks like a factory installed part. No more achy arm, no more throttlemister which wouldn't work with the hand guards anyway and no more throttle lock. Look out Iron Butt, here I come!

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    Originally posted by tom48
    450 miles on a 03 650 GS. New seat on the way
    What did you get? I saw a Bill Mayer on a KTM and it looked cool!


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    Long Day on a Dakar

    I recently had to ride from Plano, Texas to Hyder Alaska for an annual gathering - about 3,000 miles in 4 days. One of the four days was 1,100 miles on my F650GS Dakar with a stock seat. Felt great. It's truly an amazing bike.

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    700 miles, all on WV, VA, KY and TN twisy backroads returning from the MOA rally last year. Will do better on the way to Paonia for the Top O' The Rockies Rally next month. Stock seat suits me fine.

    Flash's trips don't count, cuz he was being chased by an angry ex-wife looking for alimony checks.

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    I did two 850 mile days back-to-back on my '99 F650 returning home to Ohio from Radisson, Northern Quebec. It is a truly amazing bike.

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    Re: Re: Longest day on a F-650?

    Originally posted by flash412
    I know. I KNOW!!! June 21st (in the Northern Hemisphere).

    Whud I win?

    Good one, flash!
    Dave Swider
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    Long days on an F650

    Oh, NYUK, NYUK, NYUK, Flash!
    I'd like to congratulate Chacifer on her first serious voyage cross country for 6 straight 600 mile days
    CAMPING en route to Spokane. She never ONCE complained. What a joy to travel with her on her F650-
    we made the best time when we put her out on point. Amazing!
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    Re: Longest day on a F-650?

    Originally posted by Brewbaron
    Ok let me rephrase my question. What is the longest day you've ridden on a F-650?
    I can't say for sure because I was having too much fun to pay attention/take notes/remember details, but my trip down Baja/Ferry La Paz-Mazatlan/Return to Vegas was 6 days dawn to dusk starting and ending with REAL long days. Guaymas-Parker, AZ. via Sonoita was 14+ hours, as was Parker-Las Vegas (because it included some serious dirt).

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