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Thread: My cheap GPS mount

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    My cheap GPS mount

    Needed a cheap mount for my GPS.
    I used only things I already had in the garage. The only extra I will have to spend is to get it powder coated at a local shop. Anybody have any idea how much that may cost?

    I have several pieces of 1'X 2'X 3/8" aluminum from the scrap pile at work

    Mark and cut out a 1X8 inch strip. I used the rotary tool to start the cuts then finished with a hacksaw or I would have eaten up several cutoff wheels.

    Smooth out the rough edges drill mounting holes and countersink.
    Made the proper radius bend by using a tree and a ratchet strap.

    Add ram mount ball

    Mount to dash of R1150RT with existing screws

    I started with a 4 inch ram arm but it had a bit of vibration in it, not a lot but enough to notice, it was tolerable. I am now trying a 2 inch arm to try to reduce the vibration. The trade off is the 2 inch arm blocks the instrument a bit.

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    Very clean looking. Good work.
    Ed Miller, Calgary, AB
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    I can't wait to retire and have a fixed income. The one I have now is always broke.

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