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Thread: Why was KAS allowed as a Vendor with its BAD history

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    Why was KAS allowed as a Vendor with its BAD history

    I purchased a magazine subscription from KAS Associates at the Gillette Rally. They processed my credit card immediately but todate, they have not even notified the magazine of my subsription.

    Was I ever surprised to find from last year's rally forum, a zillion complaints about KAS for doing the exact same thing last year. The complaints include KAS failure to respond to inquiries, ignoring their own promises to get back with members with complaints, failing to notify magazines of the subscriptions they sold for either cash or credit cards, etc.

    WHY did the MOA allow such a Vendor with such a bad reputation to again sell at this year's RALLY? Doesn't say much for MOA.
    Whoever was in charge of Vendors should not be allowed to do it again. Enough already.
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    I purchased a subscription for Rider magazine at the MOA and contacted them and was advised that I would not get my first issue until October or November. I did not make a big fuss, but wonder why it takes so much time to process the first issue. We will see if my subscription comes through...........

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    I extended my subscription to MCN last year the same way using KAS.
    I contacted MCN shortly after all the hubub with KAS, and MCN had already processed my info. MCN was very aware of calls about KAS, and they assured me that all was well---and it was. I was told that info and money travel separate routes.

    I am surprised that KAS has not fixed this as yet.
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    yeah, Vendors should be banned if to many complaints are generated. That'll ensure great customer service for rally goers in the future. It's a new headache for the vending chair to research complaints, but the threat of being banned should be enough to keep the honest honest. so to speak. I'm looking forward to TN. Got my motel in August. HooooYahhhhh

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