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Worst part is, they have the authority to just do certain parts of the site...heck just ban me from where he lurks.
That isn't a tool we have here...the best way is for folks to use the "ignore" function to block posters you don't want to see/interact with. Faceless encounters online seem to escalate more online than they would in a face to face encounter.

Most forums are an ever evolving environment...some get better, some worse, some folks move on and some folks push the limits until something has to give.
As a volunteer moderator, it's a fine line and not a whole lot of fun to spend so much energy and time on a few, I have so many other things to do that are a pleasure...after a while if someone decides to keep on pushing the guidelines of a particular forum, the consequences are within their control and shoudn't be a surprise when action is taken.

As a former manager who had many employees that fired themselves for not following the rules the rest had to abide by...I just did the paperwork...it's not the fun part of business...same goes here.

When we had The Tavern and Don't go There it became a "my opinion are the facts and more important than yours" and got quite ugly at times with some threats to folks livelyhoods and families...it was really crazy for a MOTORCYCLE forum.

Sorry you got banned over there...is it that big of an issue in the big picture? Learn from what went wrong and find a new home...BTDT ... Oh yeah, don't forget to ride your bike! That's really the bigger picture isn't it?