I spend way too much time reading trip reports on ADVRider, have for years. I like reading about riding in places I will not likely ever get to visit on a bike, some of the ones I am currently following:
- WorldRider, the cream of the trip report crop.
- Over the Great Wall, under the Iron Curtain
- South America: Until our Luck or Money Runs Out
- In at the deep end (From the UK to Aus)
- CaveBiker -No Return Ticket ΤΗτ Just a Ride Report /w Pics
- Solo TAT on F650
- Roamin' The Rockies: a woman's solo adventure

There are more, but these are the ones that are regularly updated. Some that aren't really updated anymore but great reads nonetheless...

- Took a little ride...
- 13 days of Romania
- Morocco the real report
- The Lure of Zanzibar
- Two up - Going down +1: South America Bound

There are literally tons more, and it is easy to search them.

I have been in JM once or twice, never really had the interest to linger.