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Thread: Simple Hands Free for riding?

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    Simple Hands Free for riding?

    Does anyone know of a hands free device that would allow me to use my cell phone while I ride? I've been putting off an autocom for a while...and, I think, with good reason. All I want is a hands free unit, very similar to the one that comes with most cellphones--wired is just fine--that has a noise-reduction microphone in it. It seems silly to end up shelling out hundreds of dollars for that, no?

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    Cell phone

    Read some stats that speaking on phone (even hands free) is comparable to having a drink.
    My own view is that motorcycling requires 100% of my attention, so will not use the phone when riding even though I can through my Baehr system.
    My Zumo alerts me visually when a call comes in, and I would pull over for my wife, but others would have to wait until my next pit stop.
    Then again, I am not the National Security Advisor, so my comment or input is rarely needed within the next 10 minutes....

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    I never even wanted to use my phone on my bike until I had to do a 700 mile stretch across texas and new mexico. It was truly an under-stimulating ride.

    I appreciate your point...but still want to find a solution to my problem.

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    Does your phone have Bluetooth? If so Blueant has something that will work

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    The blueant is about as close as I can find to what I'm looking for. Still, at $190msrp, and $120 or so on ebay, its not a cheap device. I guess i'm just a little surprised that there isn't a non-bluetooth version of a similar device for less money.

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    Nokia headsets or Bluetooth

    I have used different headsets on two different Nokia phones that allow me hands free reception of incoming calls. The headsets have cost $30 or under. The headsets have come with one ear phone bud or two ear phone buds and a microphone all attached to a connector for the phone. You connect the hands free headset to your phone and active auto-answer and you can answer incoming calls after so many rings. You still need to stop riding and use your hands if you are wanting to dial out. I place the microphone inside of my full face helmet and I can answer calls and have conversations while wathcing the world pass me by. If you have a loud bike or too much wind noise, the volume may be wanning.

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    Here's the advantage to having a Zumo 550 and Autocom except for the expense.

    The Zumo connects by Bluetooth to both your phone and Autocom.
    The Zumo syncs with your entire address book in your phone so when you receive a call, it shows who's calling on the screen and all you do is tap once on the big word that says "Accept". From there it will also hang up automatically so it's truly hands free. It's real easy to call back as well with only a push on the screen and your phone stays in your pocket.

    The Autocom mike and headphones with filter out wind noise so the folks your talking to at 70 mph won't even know you're talking from your bike. It's super clear.

    When you're riding all day, it really helps when a family or friend calls to say hi or ask a question.

    The problem with trying to rig a cell phone direct to your ears is that you still have to somehow get to your phone to answer it and push a button with gloves on. ( That's assuming it not a flip phone) Also it may be a challenge to find a filtered mike and earphones amplified enough to hear them at speed. Not saying impossible, but the Zumo 550 is hard to beat in the equation .

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    I use the cheep ear buds from my cell phone store. I have the phone mounted on the handle bars and the ear buds wired to it. I can hear and be herd under my helmet fine and the ear buds cost about $30.
    I agree with jimfastcar that talking on a cell phone is not a good idea and never would have considered it until my wife got sick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongo View Post
    Does your phone have Bluetooth? If so Blueant has something that will work
    Mongo do you know if this device has the capability of streaming audio via bluetooth?

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    I use one of these in the car, but I believe it sticks out too much for helmet use...

    Maybe it can be 'modified'....
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    thats the closest thing i've seen to what i'm looking for! do you think the noise reduction technology is good enough for inside my schuberth?

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    I have an Autocom system, with Ipod and Bluetooth support for my TomTom Rider, which supports my blackberry connection, providing e-mail, phone, data, music and talking GPS with Vox activation and and and....

    The fact of the matter is I really liked the quality of the sound in the autocom for bike to bike and listening to music on super long trips. I would never talk on a telephone while riding a bike or a car. The ONLY good rider is an undistracted one. It is nice when I stop though; I don't have to remove my helmet to make a phone call to the wife.

    The talking GPS instructions are nice but unnecessary, TomTom is really good at telling me where to go without voice but its come in handy.

    All in all, I could easily live without all of it and generally do. If you were really looking to save dough, that's what I'd do. Otherwise, go top cabin and get the autocom. It is the highest quality gidget I've seen to date.

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    I use the Camos 600 and recommend their products. I do not recommend BlueAnt products at all (they have not worked or worked well for me - take your pick). The Camos 600 and newer products offer multiple BT channels. Plus the primary channel can support 2 AD2P connections.

    I use mine with my Windows Mobile Phone for voice calls, streaming WMA/MP3 files, GPS navigation (Garmin Mobile XT and built-in GPS receiver). It all works quite well behind my windshield on my RT even at highway speeds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teslaesque View Post
    The blueant is about as close as I can find to what I'm looking for. Still, at $190msrp, and $120 or so on ebay, its not a cheap device. I guess i'm just a little surprised that there isn't a non-bluetooth version of a similar device for less money.
    $111 at (OK, that's still a lot for what you want - I just want a 2-up comm without wires).

    That's half the price of the IMC Camos BTS 200 ($229) that I just read about in the Sept. 2008 BMW ON (page 80).

    If it performs at $111 (I need two), that would be quite the deal compared to the IMC Camos BTS (which is what I came here looking for information on).

    [edit] Just read ArthurKnowles' post... Guess I'll try not to be tempted by the Blueant price... But Like I said, I only want a rider to passenger comm, so any advice appreciated.
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