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Thread: Bohn Body Armor pants?

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    Bohn Body Armor pants?

    Anybody use Bohn Body Armor pants? I have 2 pairs of Shift Torque jeans which I like, but I ride everyday and they are too.....distinctive.

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    Yes, Cathy and I both wear them- started about 4-5 weeks ago.

    We do like them., since we can wear "normal" pants over them (typically black "Carhartt" jeans that we bought slightly large just for this purpose).
    This way we don't look too unusual walking around away from the bike.

    The body armor pants fit well, seem to have good protection that we hope to never use. Not too hot on warm days, but not as cool as the website would suggest.

    Two minor negative points.

    1- Cathy says that when getting her outer pants on, the armor pads sometimes move around and she has to slightly rearrange them to get them back into the right place.

    2- The waistband has stitching that irritates both of us if worn directly against the skin. Not immediately, but after an hour or two. Fixed by wearing an undershirt tucked into the waistband.

    But those are minor points.

    Most times I forget that I am wearing them and since we are "ATGATT", it completes our gear.

    John & Cathy
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    SS1000, BBG, 50CC- NYC to SF

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    Thanks! Just the kind of info I was looking for:-)

    Ride safe,


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