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Thread: Popping Navigator II

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    Popping Navigator II

    Is anyone else having a problem with their Navigator II popping out of the cradle?

    I live in PA where the roads are notoriously bad and on more then a handful of times my Navigator II has popped out of the factory cradle upon hitting a bump or pothole.

    The GPS unit has always been locked in place with the set screw. The cradle was originally mount on the handlebars and it happened. I have since mounted it to a gadgetguy bracket above the dash and it is still happening.

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    Mine has never popped out of the cradle, but several times a ride it stops updating the info on the screen and the location is miles behind where I am. Pressing the Esc key brings it back to life.

    Garmin has replaced the GPS & the cradle but the problem persists.

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