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Thread: Givi replacement parts

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    Givi replacement parts

    Can you buy the grey/silver trim piece that goes around a Givi topcase? I had a little woops and need to replace that piece, the rest I can live with. If that piece can be replaced where should I get it. Thanks for the help I know is already on it's way.

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    I have spoken to GIVI in the past and they have given me information but would not sell parts to me directly. Instead they gave me the name of dealer to get the necessary parts. (Twisted Throttle 1-401-284-4200 for Givi Parts)

    However, should you wish to contact them directly, below is the information that I think you need.

    Best of luck.


    GIVI USA Inc.
    9309 Forsyth Park Drive
    Charlotte, North Carolina 28273 - USA

    Their e-mail is

    Their web site is
    Their number - 1-877-679-4484
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    Thank you for the reply, I can't ask for anything more than that.

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