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Thread: HJC FS 10 helmet

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    HJC FS 10 helmet

    I submitted this same inquiry on another BMW forum and received very few replies so I thought I'd duplicate it here.

    I am seriously looking at the HJC FS 10 helmet largely because of the built in sunshade. Short of prescription sunglasses it is nearly impossible to find non-polarized clip on sunglasses. Since the polarized glasses cause unusual light patterns from the face shield, I prefer to avoid them.

    The real question I have concerns the noise level of the FS 10. Several reviewers have classified the helmet as noisy and that concerns me. Also, others have questioned the usability and location of the built in sun shade.

    Does anyone have experience with this helmet? Are you satisfied with it or not? Do you think it is noisy compared to other full face helmets?


    Dan Forker

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    I'm going to move this posting to the GEAR forum - it should get better general coverage there, and it isn't Hexhead specific.
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    I have an HJC Symax-II and I love the built in sunshade. It position works great for me and I can see the instruments under it. I didn't use my prescription sunglasses at all while riding this summer. It's not the same model so no comment on the noise but I thought the sunshade probably is similar.
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    Hjc Fs-10

    I have been using one for 6 months. I got it to replace a Schuberth. I love the tinted eyeshield for use with glasses. The mechanism is centered on top of the helmet (a little bit odd, but it works). It has a conventional buckle strap. Noise is very subjective so I don't have much to offer, except that it is quieter than the Schuberth was.

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    I'm also trying to decide on what new helmet to buy. I'm looking at the FS-10 as well as the Sy-max II modular. My local Victory dealer (closest motorcycle dealership) has trhe FS-10 in stock and has had good fedback from a few sales. His son has one and spoke highly of it. They also sell Aria, so he could steer me in that direction, but seemed pretty impressed with the FS-10.

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    HJC FS 10 helmet

    You might want to check out the Bombardier Modular II, same concept and is in my opinion relatively quiet.

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    I have a Sy-Max II .Like the sun visor also wanted it because of script lenses works well for me BUT I cant keep the face shield up at speeds over 30mph after the first week of use.

    A email to HJC returned a reply of go buy a new shield.. My last HJC.
    R and R

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