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Thread: Correct speedo?

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    Correct speedo?

    Roland Slabons book," How to Restore..." indicates 3 different speedo's as OE on an R27. This is the speedo in my R27. I've never seen one like this installed on any pre '70 bike. Opinions?,please
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    I'm not sure this is much help. My '69 R69S has a VDO and 0 mph is at the 1 o'clock position and the needle swings CW. I have a vintage club magazine that mentions four different manufacturers of speedos - Veigel, JSGUS, VDO, and SWF. The magazine also goes on to mention that the speedos for the R27 likely had a specific ratio (W=x.xx) associated with it in order to properly compensate for the rear drive. The ratio was usually printed on the front of the dial or possibly was inked onto the unit inside the headlight bucket.

    - R27 solo, rear drive 6/25, W=1.6

    - R27 rear drive 6/27, W=1.74

    - R27 sidecar rear drive 8/27, W=2.0
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    Thanks Curt. The last few R27's that have run out on e-Bay have had the /2 speedos with the little blue marks for max shift speeds. Your boxer may have a speedo marked as such. There is no way that this R27 hits high gear at near
    55mph. There is no way that it shifts out of first gear at 22 mph.

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