Dear All,

I am wondering if someone could give me advice on a number of fronts in regards to a Starcom1 Digital, Zumo, CB Setup:

Rider to Passenger communicatons:

My girlfriend has an open face helmet and has the mike with the boom on it. Ever since day 1, she has only getting sound out of one ear. Is this a common problem? Do we need to replace the speaker and mike kit in her helmet.

Secondly, I can hear her perfectly. When I speak it sort of distorts back into my own ears and she complains it is distorted. I have mic vox 1 set up (low). What would be causing this?

Third, I have installed the Midland CB and hooked it to the Starcom1. I can hear really well from the other rider, but he says that my sound is very muffled and he has difficulty hearing me. When unhooking the CB from the Starcom1, it works fine. Any thoughts. My BMW dealer said it was because the cable between the CB and the Starcom1 was not shielded.

Many thanks for your advice anyone

PS. Installed on a R1200RT.