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Thread: R 27 Rims

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    Question R 27 Rims

    Quite a while ago, I was looking into replacing the rims on my R27 (could never understand how rims can get gouged from changing tires) and someone said that they were originally manufactured by a Swiss company that no longer exists - I forget the name.

    Are there any sources for original rims for this model. I have the aluminium rims with shoulders and 36 spokes.

    Any help appreciated.

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    Single Wheels


    I found that when I restored my 59 R26 that there were definitely a lot of NOS parts out there. Every Dealer used to stock single parts but they were never really a big seller. Almost every part I used on my resto was NOS.

    The last time I was at Bob's BMW I know that he had a pair of NOS single wheels. They certainly won't be cheap, but NOS is NOS.

    I am sure that someone in Germany is repopping something that you can use, though most likely they will be chrome steel wheels (which I have also seen stock, though not as popular as the Alloys.).

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