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    Thumbs up Exceptional Service

    Hope this doesn't break any advertising rules, but I thought these folks deserved a mention for great customer service in the past couple of weeks.

    Parabellum had shipped my replacement windshield minus the mounting hardware- a quick phone call and they had the nuts and bolts in the mail. Looks like it'll do everything claimed, will update after my next road trip.

    Beemerboneyard had my Bosch K-bike master oil change kit sitting on my front porch within two days of my order being placed.

    Bob's BMW for over the phone advice on a replacement oil pan gasket- the item doesn't actually exist (you have to use instant stuff out of a tube). Thanks for courteous assistance even though I didn't buy anything!!

    Alaska Leather for amazingly fast shipping of their sheepskin buttpad. I placed the oreder on Wednesday and it was waiting in the mailbox when I got home on Friday evening!!!

    Thanks to Y'All out their who took time to recommend these products/ vendors.


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    It was good to read about the fine customer service that you have been receiving from several companies. It's about time. It seems that customer service was going out of vogue. With your experience and two that I've had this week, I have been given new hope that companies are beginning to take their customers more seriously. It will bode well for both the companies and the customers.
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    From another thread I learned that customer complaints on the internet were an illusion. Could this be true of compliments also?

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    On The Negative Side?

    First off, I'm not bad mouthing anyone but maybe offering some advice.
    Parabellum; I ordered not one, but two Scout fairings from them in early May. They told me that they were 12 weeks behind. No problem, let's get it going. To make a long story short, 18 weeks later I finally received my fairings.
    Bing; I called Bing to give me a time line on rebuilding a set of carbs for my R100S. I was told 5 weeks. Great, I sent them in and am now in the 10th week and have been told after calling a couple of times that I should have them the end of this week. We'll see.
    The bottom line is, I know these are great companies but I gave them both my contact info and I feel that it would have been beneficial for their customer service to let me know by either email or phone that they were running behind instead of me having to make a phone call to find out where my items were. When I did call Parabellum, the guy did apologize for being late and gave me an approximate date (missed it a couple of weeks) but that was it. The lady at Bing never once apologized and acted as if everything was normal. All in all, I'm a patient guy and am not mad at anyone but a little bit of quality customer service can go a long way. I work for myself and am always concerned as to my customers concerns. I'd like to be treated the same.

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    Alaska Leather is super and they get stuff to you before you log off the web site!

    I also have to chime in here for the service from he is almost as lightening fast as Alaska Leather.

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