Hello fellow enthusiasts - I'm in contact with a seller with a K75S with 30K miles in the 3-4k price range. It has luggage, corbin seat, tall windscreen but non abs, no heated grips or throttlemeister - not the orginal owner and does not have all maintenance records.

What is my best way to proceed if I like it - do I need to get it checked by a mechanic or bring a compression tester? What's strange is he has an extra engine and generator just in case which is included in the sale.

Your thoughts always appreciated. I currently own an '03 F650GS and want another bike for longer rides. I like the 1200 GS but after reading so many threads on the K75's it seems like I should check it out. It sounds like coveted swift and sleek "V" Tail Beech Bonanza among flying enthusiasts.

Thanks much,