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Thread: Need advice on buying suspenders.

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    Need advice on buying suspenders.

    Believe it or not, I did a search and there is no thread on this. So, here goes...

    I see from the pictures that lots of you guys wear suspenders to keep your motorcycle pants up. I bought my first pair of riding pants, but I'm always having to hitch them up. They don't have belt loops or buttons (and I'm not going to sew buttons on motorcycle pants) so I've got to get clip suspenders.

    I want the clips to work, but I'm concerned about those clips that have a needle or pin in them. Do those eventually tear up the waistline of the pants? I have no desire to ruin a pair of good motorcycle pants with an accumulation of teeny holes. And if you don't have some pin holding them up, are you condemned to having the clips slipping off?

    I've looked at a few websites and found these:
    Holdup Suspenders at They have those pins that stick holes in the material.
    Chisco suspenders from REI. Looks okay, but one of the reviews says the clips are weak.
    Filson suspenders. Filson products are damn well made (I've worn a Filson hunting vest for decades and you can't destroy it). But they are expensive.
    Cabela's heavy duty suspenders. Looks like a decent product for a decent price.

    So what works?
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    Grant, I had the same problem with some Belstaf pants I have. The suspenders I found, and which have done a fine job for a few years, are made of black nylon strap/webbing type of stuff and they are for toolbelts. I do not remember the brand, but they were about $15 at Home Depot or Lowes.
    I don't know what you mean by 'pins,' but the suspenders I have do have 'teeth' on their clips and the teeth eventually put some wear on the pants but I'm not too concerned about it, as the contact-point will probably not fail before the pants eventually wear out.
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    I know I'm going to be accused of drinking the Kool Aid here, but...

    I have a set of BMW suspenders.

    They have clamps that do not mark up the pants and do not easily let go; I've never had them release when I didn't want them to. The elastic is over 3 years old now and shows no sign at all of aging. I also got them for half off when I bought a set of Olympia pants at A&S Cycle, during a sale they were having.
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    aerostich sells suspenders and the two pair i have work fine, never had a problem with them.

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    Also, Patagonia used to have some exceptional ones, way back when.


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    Thumbs up

    I use the Hold-Up suspenders. I have the "traditional" style, in a 2" wide size.

    I use them on my riding pants, and I love them.

    I did have one clip come loose (in the last 7K miles) when I caught my jacket on it, but the pin through the pants kept the suspender from "snapping" up.

    The Hip-Clip version intrigues me- I'm pretty sure I've seen guys wearing them at rallies.

    Happy shopping, -Howie

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    Well, a subject I have actually have a bunch of experience with. I did serious research and ended up at, believe it or not, WallyWorld. They have heavy duty 2" suspenders for I believe about $10-$15 ( it's been a while.) I used mine for about 75K and they still are 100%. First I used them on a pair of First Gear HT overpants and sometimes a clip would pop loose. I carefully trimmed and placed a couple of layers of high grade duct tape at the exact spot where the clips mounted, slightly larger than the clips. No more problems for 60K. Wet, dry, cold, hot, nothing ever budged. I then switched to a Darien. I don't like belts on overpants as the beltline seems to bunch and fold right where I don't want bunches and folds. The same suspenders work great on the stich. They have done no damage at all on the fabric. I didn't need to do the duct tape trick on the stich as the fabric seems to be a bit thicker. If I was worried about the clip wearing I'd simply add the layer of duct tape.

    I like the suspenders because they don't allow the pants to work down while walking or riding and the waist can be left looser without the pants working down and they easily allow for extra layers under the pants. Best of luck!!
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    You might want to look at those sold by the Duluth Trading Co, a mail order company that specializes in work clothes.

    They also sell buttons that fit together through the material (no sewing) and consequently do away with the need for clips.

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    I using the ones from Lowes. Have worked OK for the last 3 years.

    Priced right.

    Sold to hold up tool belts.

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    I am using BMW suspenders and the clips don't poke the fabric.
    Also the suspenders come with a set of small leather loops that you can attached to butons in case you have trousers who are fitted with them.
    So you have the flexibility to use the clips or the buttons.
    I like it!

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    11,807 has side suspenders.

    I get a sore back from the tension when sitting for a long time, but not with these.

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    Just don't buy suspenders that are too short. DAMHIK...

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    I just recently bought a new rain suit,,

    Frogg Toggs, Elite,Highway, great suit, kept me dry last week in the Texas Hill country, during the afternoon thundershowers,,,

    The pants don't stay up so well, I found suspenders at Wal-Mart for $7.00 and they work great...I just left them clipped to the pants, next time I wear them,, they are already there, waiting for me...

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    I have become intrigued by the suspender discussion and want to try them. I have had good experiance with Duluth Trading Company. They have a Side Clip Suspender whch they say is more comfortable than regular supenders. anyone have any experiance with them? work with riding pants?


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