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Thread: Cleaning a headlight reflector

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    Question Cleaning a headlight reflector

    Is there any way to clean the headlight reflector (the inside part)? There does not seem to be any rust or flacking of the reflector material but it does not look as shiny as I think it should.
    The glass seems to have turned yellow looking. Besides, the headlight is not giving the light it used to and the voltage is up.

    Thank you

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    I have the same problem, and haven't found any solution either, I'm thinking that the best best is just buying a new one, maybe they just fade some over time. The light output is down on mine as well even with a brighter bulb it's not as good as my /5 with a shinyer (SP?) reflector. I'll be interested in any responses you get to this.


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    Well, the glass does separate from the reflector, and when you accomplish this I bet you'll find just the inside of the glass is fogged, and it's easily cleaned. Chances are you'll need a new rubber gasket (glass to reflector) when performing this maintenance.
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    yup, done that on mine, but the reflector itself (on my R100) just doesn't seem as shiny as my /5. Cleaning and polishing hasn't made much of a differance.

    The /7 was stored outdoors for some years whereas the /5 had spent more time stored indoors, maybe the UV exposure has degraded the finish.


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    clean clean-up

    I just cleaned mine a month ago. Using pre-moistened lens cloths which don't leave a residue, the lens and reflector did clean up nicely. You don't notice the degredation until it you clean it.
    Rocketman, what did you use to clean your reflector/lens.

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