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Thread: Woman's goretex boots w/thick soleandheel

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    Woman's goretex boots w/thick soleandheel

    Anybody ever find a boot with this combination of waterproofness, tall enough tops, thick soles and heels? My wife (5'3") rides a K12RS and can flat foot with a boot which has a 2 inch heel and a 1 inch sole. The ones she has are only motorcycle boots in style...not waterproof, etc. We have BMW Concept Plus boots for her, but the low height of the sole and heel makes stops iffy. They would be otherwise great...usually not easy to graft soles and heels on this style of (cemented) boot.
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    Most people I know with this issue by a Motorcycle Boot and have a good cobbler add the height on the sole.
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    My girlfriend really likes her Lady Lace boots from Cruiserworks. Looks like they have a one inch heel and flat toe box to help grip. They don't have the three inch lift you're looking for but they are waterproof and well made. Perhaps they could be modified for the height you want.


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    these are apparently all the range with the heighth challenged because they add an inch through a built in sole (also adjustable top for those with large calves).

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    Find a shoe repair shop that builds orthopedic foot wear. They have the resources to modify cemented on soles.
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