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Thread: Amber Faceshields?

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    Here's my $.005

    Tinted face shields are good. If you know for a fact that you will be back before dark
    Or you're carrying your clear face shield.

    When I got my latest Shoei I went with the High Def Orange.
    It's great for overcast or hazy days

    Orange and yellow lens cut out part of the blue light part of the color spectrum
    When it's foggy the blue part of the spectrum is increased.

    Once you get used to the color they work pretty well.

    Some people claim that yellow lens help you to see better at night.
    I personally don't think so.

    There is some talk that wearing sunglasses inside a helmet during a crash can lead to problems with how the helmet transfers energy during a crash.

    Me I wear sunglasses during the day and clear safety glasses at night
    I ride often with my face shield up and I need to protect my eyes.

    As for sunglasses
    Make sure they are impact resistant.
    And I would strongly recommend not using polarizing lens
    One you will see chromatic aberrations in your face-shield of your helmet and if you have a windscreen you will have the same thing there.
    On top of that you will misread reflections of shiny road surfaces
    While might possibly lead to you not seeing a patch of oil.

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    Thumbs up Suomy Iridium

    FWIW -

    Best bang for the buck, by far, is Suomy's clear faceshield with an Iridium external and anti-fogging internal coating.

    As an Infra-Red (IR) blocker, the Iridium coating reduces the greenhouse effect, thus keeping you cooler, when heading into the sun.

    Finally, the associated optics are absolutely outstanding with near zero distortion.


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    For those Shuberth Concept (C1 and C2) owners who want amber.. Derby Cycles still has some of the "brown" sunshields (the internal one) for the C1-C2 helmets. Shuberth doesn't have any - I tried them first. $40 delivered.

    I like the improved contrast in hazy conditions. I'm not so crazy about the shading it provides since it doesn't provide much at all. Jury is still out on if it's a good thing or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rvbeemer View Post
    Sunglasses would be great... if I didn't wear prescription glasses. I also have Transition lenses which don't work very well inside the helmet. So, the tinted shield on my Shoei is right for me. My wife also has one on her helmet as it also keeps our faces from sun burning without all the sunscreen mess. I tried the clear shield and it seems hotter in the Summer than the tinted one. JMO. Cheers,

    I too wear prescription glasses. When riding I wear prescription sunglasses or my Transition prescription glasses. When I stop and take my helmet off I have to remove my glasses so I put on the transition glasses so I can see in the store I'm going into.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akskyhawk View Post
    How do those of you who wear glasses/sunglasses in your helmet prevent fogging??? I can't seem to find a way to wear my sunglasses without them fogging up. My daily ride is in cool, wet conditions (especially this "summer"!). Unless it's over 60 degrees or so, I can't wear them. I am even getting fogging with Fog City Proshields(amber in my clear shield) and have to ride with the shield held open with the lock lever on the side of my Shoei RF 1000 helmet... I am even thinking of adifferent helmet. I have tried using a different angle of the windscreen on my 1200 GS.

    Any suggestions?
    I have a pinlock shield on my Shoei helmet. It is great at keeping fog off the visor. Keeping fog off the glasses is more difficult. I have found that once I'm underway, with the visor up, the glasses clear and I can lower the visor. They stay clear until I have to stop. There are some anti fog products on the market but I haven't use any of them.

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