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Thread: Aftermarket rear rack

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    Aftermarket rear rack

    Does anyone have any thoughts about aftermarket racks for my 93 K75?

    I have the small OEM rack but would like something a bit bigger with a horizontal surface. Did Reynolds make racks specifically for the old K bikes?
    John Peck
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    I seem to recall Givi making some kind of tail trunk arrangement. If that's the case, there's probably an underlying rack setup available.
    Dave Swider
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    Givi offers a rack that uses the same mounting holes as the skimpy BMW unit. I got all my givi luggage from:


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    Rack options for K75

    I have one of those Givi racks and a Givi 45 liter trunk. The Givi rack uses the standard BMW rack mount holes. I also have another rack that also uses the same holes. It is made by "Top of the line." I don't know if they have a web site, but the label on the rack has 800-782-4686 as their phone number.

    This rack is made of black crinkle texture coated aluminum and is quite wide with lots of slots and holes for attaching straps and/or bungies. I bought it off eBay for around $80.00.

    I also have all the fixins' to attach a K1100LT trunk and rack to the K75. Unfortunately, when I went to install it, I discovered that the K1100LT tail section is slightly narrower than the K75 tail section and I will have to replace my tail with one of those to get it to work.

    Lastly, take into account that any rack solution that uses the four standard BMW rack mounting holes could have a bad side effect. If you carry a heavy load in the trunk and hit a big, jarring bump (pothole), there is the possibility that the tail section could snap off. I've never met anyone who had this happen to them, but I've been warned by others of this.

    Good Luck,

    Dan K.

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