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Thread: How much heat is too much heat?

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    How much heat is too much heat?

    The temperature is higher than usual on my K1100LT (1995), almost in the first red zone (although the warning light never went on).

    Of course, the fan starts at this point (which seems also higher than usual) and seems to stay on longer.

    This happens while riding slow (in heavy traffic). As soon as I return to a highway speed, things get back to normal (in the middle of the normal zone)

    I changed the coolant last year. The volume is to the maximum in the overflow tank and, in the radiator, almost full (about an inch, maybe two, to the neck).

    Is it in my head? What should I check first? The pump? The thermostat?

    Thank you.

    JPK1100 in Canada

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    Sounds typical for riding in stop and go traffic during the summer.

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    Have you ridden thru any particularly buggy areas. I have had my bike run hotter because of the amount of bugs on the radiator. On mine the outer screen wouldn't look to bad but if you got down and looked closely at the radiator it would be clogged with bugs.

    Now when washing the bike I will squirt the hose directly at the radiator and blast the bugs outta there. It may not be your problem but might be worth checking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mudbug View Post
    Sounds typical for riding in stop and go traffic during the summer.
    Sounds about right to me too.

    Others have become "proactive" and addressed heat BEFORE it gets to the red by hooking up a manual fan switch that allows the rider to keep the fan running full time when in stop-and-go. I agree and am about to do the same.

    Why wait for the temp gauge to be pegged?
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