fellow MOA forum enthusiasts,

you may have noticed lately that two folks have come on as what we're calling "guest moderators." oldhway is helping out with campfire, and burnszilla is helping out with the ride reports forum.

guest moderators volunteer and at the discretion of the forum liaison are appointed to serve a one year term.

the guest moderator program has a few important purposes:

- to allow a larger portion of the MOA population to volunteer as a moderator on the forums.

- in doing so, to give a larger portion of the MOA population insight into how we moderate.

- to add capacity to the moderator team to help us out as posting volume continues to increase. our goal is to provide timely service to all of you, and adding more capable people is an important part of that.

- to identify and train candidates for future volunteer positions as full-time mods, admins, and liaisons.

you'll see more of these folks as time goes on. the goal is to have them begin their service in a fairly staggered fashion so that as time goes on, we have a constant flow of new guest mods joining as old ones see the term of their service expire, but at any given time we'll only have 1-2 totally new people on board.

this is still a bit of a work in progress, so we'll make tweaks to it as time goes on.