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    Used R1100s


    I'm new to this site and like what I see thus far. Have ridden street for years, road raced awhile and now ride strictly dirt (KTM3ooXCW).

    Have been pondering for quite sometime now on buying a used R1100S. I've decided to pull the trigger and will begin my quest to find my bike. Is there anything unique to this model I should really be aware of when looking/negotiating?

    Many thanks

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    I think the newer the better.

    The twin spark models solve the surging problems that some early oilheads had. Although mine is an 01 and have had no problems with surging as long as valves are properly adjusted and throttle bodies in sync.

    From 2002 on, there were upgraded mounting tabs on the frame for the transmission.

    Look for one with ABS, heated grips and a 5.5" rear wheel. The addition of a Sargent seat is highly recommended IMHO as the stock seat is a brick.

    Ohlins shocks front and back made a huge difference in ride quality on mine as well. They turned it into the best handling bike I have ever rode. (Thats sayn a lot) as I have been in the saddle for over 35 years.

    The best source of info on this bike is Pelican parts forum see below thread for more info.

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    I have an '04 R1100s and have owned numerous street bikes prior to that. IMO, it's the best sport/touring bike out there. Mine has ABS and heated grips (which are a blessing). I put a CF rear hugger and staintune pipes on it and bought the bags when I bought the bike. The power outlet is a huge bonus also...The only nit for me is that the gas tank is a bit small to do any real touring. The light goes on after about 130 miles (riding at reasonably aggressive speeds). I really don't mind that considering it's the only flaw i can identify!

    You'll have a wide variety of stock color schemes to choose from....some of them a bit bizarre. There's also a few derivations of the R11s - the "base model" like the one I own, the boxer cup replica and the light. I know the BCR has the wide wheel....the light may too but I think they only made them one year.

    Happy hunting!
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