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Thread: Digital recorder

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    Digital recorder

    I would like to record my trips "on the fly" on a digital voice recorder, with a mic attached inside my helmet. Does anyone have suggestions of what recorder to get, and what mic to get? I don't want to pay over about $120.

    Some Internet research turned up the Sony ICD-UX series and Olympus WS and DS series. Olympus has a uni-directional, noise canceling microphone and I suspect Sony does, too, but I didn't find it.

    Thanks in advance.
    Marilyn Roberts
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    You will not go wrong with an Olympus recorder. I have one that's 25 years old and works great, it's just not digital. In the price range you want to stay in, you'll get a nice recorder that's meant for dictation and notes that will most likely be transcribed later. If you are wanting to capture narration for later production, broadcast or podcast, you will need to step up into higher price range. Sony PCM D-1 is about $1,800, then add mic and cable and on and on and on......

    If you have an iPod, look for the microphone attachments for your model.
    Try Belkin Universal Microphone Adapter, Part #: F8E478. About $30 then add mic of your choice.

    If you can save on the storage device and spend a little more on a good mic, you should get better results.

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    I use a SONY ICD-P520

    It has connections for a mic and head phones. I have not used it while moving, but it is a "good" quality recorder for about $50.

    Connects to your PC (or laptop) and saves in MP3 format if you like.

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    Digital Recorder

    Olympus WS-110

    Compact, light, and downloads are a breeze!
    Gregory L. Johnson
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