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Thread: Dang! My head hurts! (Flip-up Helmet Advice)

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    Another choice

    I have two AGV, Miglia, Modular helmets and I am pleased with the weight (very light) and the fit. I understand the the AGV is the lightest modular available. The fit is typical of the Italian brands.
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    Which Arai are you wearing?

    I tried on the Profile and it fit my narrow round head fairly well...that fit translated into a Shoei Syncrotec flip up perfectly...

    I love the Shoei, metal to metal latches and very comfortable/cool. Not quite as light as my former HJC flip up, but the plastic chin guard hinges broke fairly quickly on the HJC.

    I highly recommend trying to get to a larger rally (even for other "brands") to try one numerous helmets from different manufacturers...if that's not possible, I've used the ice cream scoop to push down the hotspots in the foam liner with great success as well!

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